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July 19th, 2021
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Elevate your trading experience with Sentimento – the ultimate solution for comprehensive trading analysis. Simplify your trading strategies, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions with ease.

About the

Welcome to Sentimento, your go-to platform for all things trading analysis. We’ve reimagined the way traders approach the market by providing an all-in-one solution for technical and fundamental analysis. Here’s what Sentimento brings to the table:

Access technical indicators and visualize price data on a single, intuitive platform. Make precise entry and exit decisions with ease.

Stay updated with financial events and news that impact your trades. Combine market insights with fundamental analysis to refine your strategies.

Experience the power of historical and real-time data seamlessly integrated for creating informed trading decisions.

Leverage AI techniques to synthesize complex market data and receive actionable insights tailored to your trading style.


Design an all-encompassing platform that streamlines trading analysis – providing traders with a unified space to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis. Create a user-friendly interface that empowers traders to stay ahead in the dynamic world of trading.

Solution &

Our approach was centered around creating a platform that merges the worlds of technical and fundamental analysis. By bringing together key indicators and financial events, we’ve empowered traders to make well-informed decisions. The Trading Track app’s seamless interface and advanced features contribute to a more effective and efficient trading journey.

"The Niftonic team has been an invaluable partner in bringing the Sentimento project to life. Their dedication, expertise, and support were instrumental in delivering a fantastic end product. We wholeheartedly recommend Niftonic and look forward to future collaborations."

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